Laser Carbon Peel

Laser Carbon Peel

Hollywood peel is additionally called laser carbon peel in Dubai. This has gotten one of the top non-intrusive skin treatment for famous people.

This is a laser reemerging technique to improve skin brilliance and it gives you smooth shining composition. This carbon laser facial assists with diminishing skin defects like grow pores and scarcely discernible differences.

How it functions

Clinical evaluation carbon cream layer applied to the skin. This carbon particles go about as photograph enhancer which disintegrate when it contact with laser shaft.

Laser machine emanates single frequency of light which pack in to an extreme light emission. This vitality animate warm responses when consumed. This laser pillar is consumed via carbon particles because of its dark shading and delicate vacuum expel the carbon. This carbon particles are associated with the epidermis (external laser of the skin). Because of the warm vitality skin pores are limited and peeling of dead skin layers give you a sparkling skin.

How it feel

This treatment is agreeable and you may feel minor sensation like pins and needles.

Down time

Lase carbon peel/facial is a snappy and helpful office time technique with insignificant personal time.

Skin become more brilliant following treatment. You can continue ordinary exercises following the treatment.


1) Enlarge skin pores

2) Skin anomalies

3) Wrinkles and scarcely discernible differences

4) Acne and Acne scars

5) Uneven skin tone

6) Reduce skin brilliance


1) Increase skin recharging

2) Improve skin brilliance

3) Achieve even skin tone and surface

4) Reduce skin pore size

5) For Gloving appearance

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